Welcome to EMD Serono's Request Management System

At EMD Serono, we are passionate about partnering with organizations across all our therapeutic areas to advance our mission of transforming patients’ lives by developing and delivering meaningful therapies for difficult-to-treat diseases. Every year we give generously to support educational activities, special events, fundraisers, and charitable organizations.

When we give, we aspire to address diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our communities, medical schools, research labs, medical practices, clinical trials, and classrooms. For that reason, we prioritize our financial support for requests that have a DEI component.

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We support a variety of organizations through a broad range of activities and programs. This support includes funding accredited continuing education for health professionals, patient education, fellowships, donations to independent charity patient support programs, charitable contributions, and sponsorships.

Sponsorships, Exhibits & Displays

  • This type of funding Request is for sponsoring third-party conferences, meetings, programs, events, exhibit booths, and display tables. In exchange for its funding, EMD Serono expects to receive a material commercial benefit (e.g., named as a tier sponsor, logo on event material or screen, a display table, etc.).
  • This type of funding Request may not be used to “sponsor” a specific, individual accredited continuing education program at a conference. Financial support for such programs is provided through Requests for Accredited Continuing Education for Health Professionals. However, sponsorship of a conference where various medical education programs are offered is appropriate.
  • Both healthcare-related sponsorships (e.g., medical congress) and non-healthcare-related sponsorships (e.g., local community event) are covered by this type of Request.

Patient Education:

  • This type of funding Request is to support independent educational events or activities that are designed to educate patients and/or their caregivers on topics related to management of a disease or condition.
  • Only patient advocacy groups, medical societies, and professional medical education companies may apply for this type of funding.

Charitable Contributions:

  • This type of funding Request is to support the broad charitable purpose or mission of bona fide, Section 501(c) charitable, non-profit organizations. Unlike a Sponsorship, EMD Serono expects no tangible benefit or return when it makes a charitable donation.
  • Funding is intended for the general operation of the organization (e.g., donation to an Annual Fund which covers general operating expenses for a charitable hospital).
  • Funding is NOT provided for specific events or programs (e.g., an Annual Gala Dinner cannot be supported with a charitable donation). Specific events and programs are funded through Requests for Sponsorships, Exhibits & Displays.
  • Both healthcare-related organizations (e.g., charitable hospital) and non-healthcare-related organizations (e.g., local non-profit food bank) may request a charitable donation.
  • The following types of organizations and individuals are not eligible to request a charitable donation: physician group practices, physician-owned clinics, managed care organizations, pharmacy benefit managers, individuals (including individual HCPs, residents, fellows, etc.), college alumni associations, and religious organizations (to support religion or religious beliefs).


  • This type of funding Request is for a variety of fellowships:
  • Traditional clinical or research fellowships: Programs designed and delivered by medical societies, academic medical centers, or NIH (or similar federal/state agencies) to support advanced clinical and/or research work by graduates, post-graduates or fellows
  • Advocacy fellowships: Programs designed and delivered by health-related advocacy groups to support education, development, and training of health leaders on how to become effective advocates or improve their advocacy skills
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion fellowships: Programs designed and delivered by medical societies, academic medical centers, or NIH (or similar federal/state agencies) to support a wide variety of advanced clinical research or other work by graduates, post-graduate or fellows to address diversity, equity and inclusion issues in the medical profession and patient populations

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

REQUEST FOR FELLOWSHIP PROPOSALS: EMD Serono’s 2023 “I’M IN Neurodisparity Fellowship” – EMD Serono is seeking proposals from eligible organizations interested in establishing a fellowship program that is dedicated to reducing disparities in neurologic care for MS patients, thereby advancing diversity, inclusion and equity in healthcare. Deadline for Proposals: February 3, 2023, midnight (EST).

Please click here to download a copy of the RFP. Click here to download instructions on how to submit your proposal.

Independent Charity Patient Assistant Programs:

  • This type of funding Request is to support independent non-profit charities (with an OIG Opinion) who provide “safety net assistance” to patients of limited means through properly-structured patient assistance programs.

Requests for Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISSs) and Accredited Continuing Education for Health Professionals are not submitted through this website. They are submitted through EMD Serono’s US STARTone portal at https://startone.vibrantm.com/welcome/US/