Welcome to EMD Serono Request Management System

At EMD Serono, we are deeply committed to increasing healthcare knowledge and advancing patient care. Our corporate vision is to transform lives by developing and delivering meaningful therapies for difficult-to-treat diseases.

Closely aligned with that vision is our commitment to corporate responsibility, which includes addressing diversity, inclusion and inequalities in our communities, medical schools, research labs, medical practices, clinical trials, and classrooms. Our giving reflects this vision and commitment.

We prioritize our support for requests that increase healthcare knowledge and advance patient care, while also advancing diversity, inclusion and equality in the practice of medicine, the treatment of patients, and the training of healthcare providers.

We support a variety of organizations through a broad range of activities and programs. This support includes funding accredited medical education for HCPs, patient education, fellowships, donations to independent charity patient support programs, charitable contributions, and sponsorships.

Current Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

From time to time, EMD Serono issues RFPs regarding its interest in receiving proposals from third parties for funding of accredited HCP education and fellowships. Current RPFs and deadlines are:

There are no RFPs posted at this time. Please continue to check this page for upcoming RFPs.

Accredited HCP Education:

  • Funding for independently accredited medical education for healthcare professionals. We do not fund unaccredited medical education programs.
  • Accredited providers are the only type of organization eligible to apply for this type of funding.

Patient Education:

  • Funding for activities aimed at educating patients and their caregivers on topics related to treatment and management of their disease or condition.
  • Patient advocacy organizations, medical institutions and foundations are the only types of organizations eligible to apply for this type of funding.


  • Funding for tradition medical/scientific fellowships (training programs created by medical schools, academic medical centers and other healthcare organizations for fellows to advance their educational and research activities), as well as advocacy fellowships (which are specific programs to train fellows about patient advocacy and how to work with their communities, the media and policymakers to create change for patients).
  • The only types of organizations eligible to apply for this type of funding are medical societies (defined as professional organizations which typically focus on advancing their profession as a primary goal, such as ASCO and ANN); academic medical centers; the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other similar federal or state agencies; and patient advocacy organizations (defined as formally organized nonprofit groups that (i) concern themselves with medical conditions or potential medical conditions and (ii) have a mission and take actions that seek to help people affected by those medical conditions or to help their families and caregivers).

Sponsorships, Exhibits & Displays

  • Funding for sponsoring third-party conferences, meetings, program and events for which EMD Serono expects to receive a material commercial benefit in exchange for its support, including but not limited to exhibit or display space.
  • Individual medical education activities are not eligible for this type of funding; they are supported through HCP and patient education grants. However, if funding is sought for a large scientific event such as a national congress where many medical education activities are taking place and EMD Serono is not associated with any particular medical education activity, then sponsorship of the entire event is appropriate.

Independent Charity Patient Assistant Programs:

  • Funding for a patient assistance program operated by an independent, charitable 501(c)3 tax-exempt foundation or organization that provides safety net assistance to financially eligible patients, including co-pay and premium assistance, free medicine, treatment costs and assistance for ancillary expenses.
  • The only type of organization eligible to apply for this type of funding are independent, charitable 501(c)3 tax-exempt foundations or organizations with an OIG Advisory Opinion that structure and operate their patient assistance programs in a way to meet federal regulations and guidelines.

Charitable Contributions:

  • Funding given to 501(c)(3) organizations for a charitable purpose.
  • Funding is intended to be given for the general operation of the organization (e.g., Annual Fund donation which supports operating expenses at a charitable hospital), and not for any specific event or activity (e.g., an organization’s Annual Gala Ball). Specific events and activity may only be funded through a Sponsorship.
  • 501(c)(3) organizations are the only type of organization eligible to apply for this type of funding. Physician group practices, physician-owned clinics, managed care organizations and pharmacy benefit managers are not eligible to apply for this type of funding.
  • There is a separate request type for donations to an Independent Charity (with an OIG Opinion) Patient Assistance Program. Those type of donations should not be submitted as a charitable contribution.

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Requests for Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISSs) are not submitted through this website. They are submitted through EMD Serono’s US STARTone portal at https://startone.vibrantm.com/welcome/US/